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The start of spring breathes fresh air into me. It’s cool but hopeful hint at summer and all the flowers blooming make me feel so happy and with it often comes that first hit of sunshine which always makes me feel good.

I love all the new life, the baby lambs and chicks – Easter time always feels rather beautiful don’t you think?l!

Last year on an Easter day out at a farm Florence held a baby chick – what a magical moment! This year when we visit the same farm I’m really hoping there will be some more chicks as they’re just SO gorgeous!


Florence met a chick last year on a farm trip!

Until we go and visit the chicks I’ve heard of a place where we can view baby chicks live on-line! For five days (it starts on Monday 25th March and runs up until Easter weekend) we can see them being born and log in any time of day we like to see what they’re up to! What a brilliant idea! We’ll certainly be checking in with the chicks and to find out how you can too just read on!


– New chick flick captures first moments of life –

 Nature lovers across the globe will be able to enjoy some real “hen-tertainment” this Easter by watching the first live chick hatching using Google+.

Launched today, Chick-cam, an initiative by ethical egg producer the happy egg co., will document the first five days of life of 16 newborn chicks as part of an initiative to educate people and encourage them to fall in love with hens.

Giving virtual viewers a unique window into the world of chickens, Chick-cam will use three camerasincluding a night-vision camera, to follow the action 24/7 – from the final stages of incubation to the chicks’ pecking their way out of their shells.

All the events will be broadcast on the happy egg website ( where people will be able to watch the hatching in real time as well as interviews from hen experts on the week’s activity.  As part of the initiative, viewers will be able to win happy egg prizes. The chick flick will also be available to watch via Google+ Hangouts On Air – enabling millions to enjoy the experience from their computer, tablet or phone.

Working in partnership with The Happy Chick Company, the specialists in complete chick hatching experiences for nurseries and schools, the incubator will be closely monitored and controlled by a team of experts to ensure the chicks have everything they need to come out of their shells.  The chicks will then be re-homed to The Happy Chick Company’s trusted network of poultry owners and smallholders.

Steve Horton, Marketing Director at the happy egg co. said: “We know that happy hens lay the tastiest eggs and as such work hard to give our girls everything they need to lead a rich and full life.  Chick-cam is designed to share the enjoyment of hens and their many antics to make people realise the only eggs are happy eggs.  We hope the hatching gives viewers an experience that they will remember long after the chicks have emerged from their shells.”

Added Madeline McRanor, founder of The Happy Chick Company: “We’ve been hatching chicks and raising them for over ten years and the effect that caring for them has on people never fails to amaze me. It doesn’t just foster a bonding experience between the children and the chicks but between the children and their parents and teachers as well. That’s why I’m so delighted to be working with the happy egg co.; together we are bringing this very special experience to even more people and helping to bridge the gap between the eggs on our plate and the hens that laid them.”

A spokesperson from Google said: “We’re excited that the happy egg co. is using Google+ Hangouts to see the first live chick hatching  this Easter. It’s definitely one of the cutest ways of using the platform to date and we’re looking forward to watching!”

Founded in 2009, the happy egg co. is the UK’s number one free range brand and is committed to the highest standards of animal welfare.  As well as plenty of green pasture to roam and forage, all happy egg farms are equipped with an assortment of activities to enhance the birds’ natural surroundings – from towers to perch on, sandpits for dust-bathing, and natural play areas with logs, foliage and cut branches.

For more details on Chick-cam or to watch the live chick hatching go to

For live updates on the hatching, follow #chickcam on Twitter and instagram, or visit our Facebook page


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